Dee Dee Wirebaugh, Intuitive Healing

A Call to Order is a gift to the community and the needs of many. Organizing is an art. When my best friend who is a Director for an important County and Judicial office asked me to help her find someone to help sort through her mothers estate and her own home, my first and only thought was A Call to Order. Not only did I know that the job at hand would be done, but that there was a trust and synergy that was a must. Thank you Gina for ALL you do!

Jason Shipp, Student

After my Sophomore year of high school, I was struggling to stay organized. I was taking a lot of advanced classes, and there was a lot of work. Gina helped design a system for my papers and assignment that worked for me. She didn’t just say “Here, do it this way”. She worked with me to make sure that I could and would use the system. I went from missing work and turning it in late, to knowing where everything was and being able to hand it in on time!