What you should consider before hiring a professional  organizer.  Take the time to think about the value of a professional organizer and what you should know up-front.

Frequently asked questions about hiring a professional  organizer.

Q: Is hiring a professional organizer expensive? 

A: As one client told me, “It’s cheaper than therapy!” You determine your budget,

Because you decide how much help you want.  You may decide you just need someone to REVIEW your situation and offer suggestions and you will do the manual labor yourself. Or, you may want someone to come in and actually DO the work (set up the filing system, clean out the garage, re-design your office procedures) – ii all depends on what works for you. While each organizer determines his or her own fee, your organizer should be willing to provide whatever LEVEL of service you find most helpful.

Q: How long will it take to get me organized? 

A: That really depends on how “challenging” your particular situation is. Veteran

Professional Organizer Julie Morgenstern suggests that the AVERAGE room in a home will take about 1-2 full days (that’s 8 hours a day of solid work) to complete – and that the average one-person office will take 2-3 days to complete. However, some small jobs (like a bathroom) will take less, and some big jobs (like a huge basement or overstuffed garage) may take more. And it also depends on how well you complete your SUCCESS STEPS – if you only think about organizing during appointments, it will go much slower than if you tackle the small projects your organizer assigns between sessions.

Q: Can’t you do like those clean sweep shows? 

A: Remember that those shows are just that – for show. They want a dramatic result in an hour, so they cart a lot of junk out, set up some cool storage paraphernalia – and don’t actually show the decision-making, follow-up, and maintenance (The right system) PROCESSES that an organizer takes you through. Organizing is only partly about setting up shelves and containers – it is mostly about learning how to let go of clutter, changing behaviors that cause clutter to accumulate, and developing more constructive HABITS that will keep you organized for years to come. Just remember, it took you a long time to get disorganized, and it won’t be fixed overnight. However, your organizer will work as QUICKLY as possible to get your life back in order – and to teach you how to keep it that way.

Q: Why do organizers charge the fees they do? 

A: Organizing is a PROFESSIONAL service – just like you would receive from an

attorney  or an accountant, a counselor or a coach. Most organizers are college graduates and have spent many years developing their skills. Many people mistakenly assume that an organizer is going to come in and “clean up” for them – and that ii should cost about the same amount as a housekeeper – but ii is much more involved than that. You are paying for an organizer’s KNOWLEDGE – their ability to get inside your head, understand how you function, and develop a system

Q: What can an organizer help me with? 

A: Think of Professional Organizers as “personal trainers” for the organizationally challenged – keeping you on TRACK as you get your home or office (instead of your body) in shape. They assist individuals and companies in regaining control over their time, space, and paper – you may want to review our list of common organizing specialties that are available. Organizers bring together the PRODUCTS and TECHNIQUES that will work best for you – a customized solution for your particular situation.

Q: How will my organizer know how to help me? 

A: Your organizer should spend some time evaluating your situation before you begin working together – possibly in the form of a CONSULTATION – finding out what your concerns are, what you’ve tried in the past, what has worked, and what hasn’t. Your organizer will then develop an ACTION plan outlining the steps you will take to remedy the situation. Veteran organizers have seen your concerns over and over again with previous clients. They know how to quickly pinpoint the causes of your disorganization, and which SOLUTIONS work on those areas. They may very even know what systems will suit you after just a phone call – so you can often get started immediately.

Q: How do I know these folks are “qualified?”

A: We will give you a lot of INFORMATION about each organizer – educational and career background, how long the person has been in business, whether or not (s)he is a member of any professional associations, his or her organizing philosophy, even references – all in the form of an online RESUME. It is then up to you to speak with each organizer, find out more about them, and decide which professional is best qualified to help you.

Q: How do I select an organizer?

A: The first rule of thumb is to hire an organizer you TRUST – the second is to find someone whose “work style” complements your own. You can learn a lot about your organizer by using our free “Interview Checklist” as you speak to different professionals. Also ask if the person belongs to the National Association Of Professional Organizers – members have pledged to follow a strict professional code of conduct. Finally, trust your INSTINCTS. If you have good (or bad) feelings about the person, make your choice accordingly.


Frequently asked questions for move management.

Q:  Who do you serve?

A:  We specialize in serving people in their moves.  This can be downsizing to a new personal home, the aging in their moves to retirement communities, assisted living, or memory care facilities.  We work directly with individuals, family members, the newly divorced, grieving family members, trustees, people with special needs, realtors, sales and marketing directors of senior living communities. 

Q:  What types of moves do you do?

A:  We do Senior Moves, corporate moves, interstate and local moves for individuals needing to take some of the stress and chaos

Q:  What services do you offer?

A:  We do everything from the initial assessment/consultation, floor plan for consolidation of personal items and furniture, and finding the right moving company to packing and settling in – plus everything from A to Z.  We will do whatever you need to make it as stress-free as possible.

 Q:  How much does it cost?

A:  It can cost a few hundred dollars to several thousand.  It truly depends on the scope and services you choose.  A Call to Order – Professional Organizers will come and do a courtesy assessment and estimate.

Q:  How far will you travel?

A:  Our company covers El Paso, Douglas(parts), Fremont, Pueblo, and Teller counties.  If you live outside of these areas, we will try to accommodate you or refer to another NASMM® or NAPO® member.

Q:  How long does it take?

A:  Every move is different.  We sit down with each and every client to come up with plan to cover your objectives.  This will help streamline the moving process so you can move into your new home as soon as possible and get onto the next adventure.

Q:  What happens if things don’t fit in my new home?

A:  A Call to Order – Professional Organizers will help you determine which items mean most to you. We make suggestions to make the most of your new home. We will help you with your new floor plan to accommodate your special possessions.  You always have the final decision and we can help, ship, donate or liquidate the rest.

Still Have Questions About Hiring a Professional Organizer?