In Your Home: Creating Calm Living Spaces

The most important place we want to feel at peace is at home. That is why home organization is so important to our day to day life. Drawers stuffed to overflowing, closets whose contents rain down on you when you open the door, and garages that you can’t park your car in not only cause us stress, but cost us money, too. Let a certified home organizer help you create a system that works for you. From the junk drawer in the kitchen to the pantry, closets, and home offices to garages and basements, no job is too small or too large for A Call to Order – Professional Organizers.

 Many of us know that we need to get our clutter under control, but we don’t know how. We wander through the Container Store, marvel at the abundance of solutions there are, and have no idea of how to actually put them into place. At A Call to Order – Professional Organizers, we don’t try to make you fit into a predetermined system; we work with you to find a solution that fits you.

Searching for things we need and not knowing what we have, wastes time and money. Does this scenario sound familiar? You need to wrap a present, but can’t find any wrapping paper. So you buy some, only to open the hall closet and have a roll of it fall on your head. A Call to Order – Professional Organizers will help you create a system to know your where things are.


Closets are usually the first areas of our homes to become cluttered. We want to put things away, but the space inside the closet isn’t configured correctly. So we just open the door and shove things in. It doesn’t take long before we can’t fit another thing in the closet, and we can’t find anything in it either.

Different closets have different purposes, and need to be organized differently. A hall closet that needs to have space to hang coats and hold sports equipment needs to be set up differently than a hall closet that only needs to hold winter coats and boots. A master closet that two people share has different needs than a master closet that only one person uses. A Call to Order – Professional Organizers can help you figure out what you need.


  • Clothing, Equipment
  • Design & Install Closet System
  • Easy access for needed items
  • Maintenance


Whether you are a gourmet cook or can barely boil water, a well-organized kitchen makes daily life easier. We all have to eat, and when we can find the items in the kitchen, cooking at home becomes more manageable. A Call to Order – Professional Organizers can organize your pantry, help you sort through pots, pans and dishes to identify what you really need, and organize the junk drawer. We can identify your best workflow, and organize the cupboards so that their placement makes sense for you.

  • Function (many)
  • Center of the Home
  • Mission control station for family management

Home Office

Every home needs a home office space, whether it’s a separate room or part of the kitchen. A space where you keep and pay bills, have your computer and printer, and keep files needed for taxes. How you organize this space will have a huge impact on how productive you can be.

From figuring out what kind of filing system works for you, to identifying what supplies you actually need, A Call to Order –Professional Organizers will find what really works for you.

  • Digital Organization
  • Remote Work
  • Vital Documents
  • Password Management


No other area of our homes is more prone to becoming a dumping ground than your basement. Outgrown clothes, discarded toys, holiday decorations and old furniture accumulate in piles or are haphazardly shoved in any available space.  It’s the space where we tend to put all those mementos that we think we must keep, but don’t really know what to do with. A Call to Order – Professional Organizers helps you sort through the must keeps, want to keeps, and don’t know why you’re keeping items and make decisions on them. Then we help devise a system for keeping track of what you have and knowing where it is.

Five pairs of a colorful rain boots. Family concept

Emergency Preparedness: In Your Home

Birth certificates and passports are only a few of the documents you need to be able to put your hands on in a moment’s notice. Being prepared for an emergency at home includes not only being able to get to those important papers, but also includes an evacuation route, knowing what other valuables you need to gather, where the water and gas shutoffs are, and more. A Call to Order is Community Emergency Response Trained by the Office of Emergency Management in Colorado Springs, CO. We know the steps to take in order to protect you and your valuables in the event of a disaster.

During a disaster, family members and loved ones may not be together. It is important that you have a communication plan, a household plan and an evacuation plan that everyone knows. Have a plan for anyone with special needs and for what you will do with your pets if you have to evacuate to a shelter. Gather all of your important papers together now, and put them in a safe, easily accessible place such as a PortaVault or HomeZada. Don’t wait for a disaster to strike, being prepared ahead of time can make a disaster survivable.

Dealing With an Emergency

There are many kinds of emergencies. There are natural disasters, like floods and fires, and there are personal disasters such as the death of a business partner. Once a disaster happens what do you do? If you have a complete emergency plan, it should include what to do. If you find yourself in the situation of not having an emergency plan in place when an emergency strikes, A Call to Order can help you get back to normal.

We will help you find solutions to your immediate needs, and work with you on a long term plan to get your business up and running again.

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