“Get organized – be organized to love your space” is Gina’s philosophy of organizing and relocation management. Many people have great intentions of getting organized, but when it comes down to actually doing it, they don’t know how.

They aren’t equipped with the right skills, they don’t know the right system to use, or they can’t see through the clutter to what is important for them to keep. Gina started A Call to Order -Professional Organizing in 2008 because she saw a need to help people who were living with chaos, in one form or another, achieve peace of mind. “One reason I decided to begin A Call to Order – Professional Organizing,” Gina says, is because I grew up in a chaotic household. Clutter was everywhere, and I saw the stress it could put on family life. Whether it’s an issue with time management, a house full of clutter, or hoarding, or folks transitioning in a move, most people need help identifying what needs to be done, and how to do it. Once we identify what needs to be done, then we figure out how it needs to be done. We fit systems and procedures to the individual; we don’t try to make individuals fit into specific systems.

Hello! I’m Gina

CPO, ECHM, cSMM & Executive Director
Contact No. 719-231-5425
Email Address: [email protected]

Gina graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a degree in Advertising and Public Relations. Before starting A Call to Order, she worked in advertising, marketing and promotions. She began helping friends and family with closets and business dilemmas, and quickly realized that there was a real need for someone who could work with individuals and businesses to work through the entire process of organizing. Since starting A Call to Order – Professional Organizers, Gina has been become a Certified Professional Organizer, a Hoarding Specialist, Senior Move Management® and holds a certificate in Chronic Disorganization.  She sits on several community committees and enjoys educating the public.  Gina lives in Colorado Springs with her husband, son and dogs.

Connor C.

Project Coordinator
Contact No. 719-231-5425

Connor has been a proud member of A Call to Order – Professional Organizers since May 2008.  He is an Eagle Scout, a hard, efficient worker, and a great lover of the outdoors.  He loves to hike, kayak and runs cross-country for his high school team.  Connor enjoys listening to stories and shows great compassion when assisting the A Call to Order clients.  He enjoys working with the senior living communities, always eager to answer questions regarding projects.  His leadership in training new staff and contributing to getting the job done right has been a huge asset.

Don C.

Strategic and HR Consultant
Contact No. 719-231-5425

Don Caughey was born and raised in northern California. He enlisted in the Army after high school and served for nine years as a Russian linguist in North Carolina, West Berlin, and Alaska. He attended Officer Candidate School in 1994 and was commissioned as an Armor officer. As an armor and cavalry officer, he served as a tank platoon leader, tank company executive officer, battalion maintenance officer, squadron logistics officer, cavalry troop commander, and observer/ controller team chief before he retired. He completed his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Louisville, majoring in history with a Russian Studies minor.

He received his Master’s degree with honors in Management & Leadership from Webster University.

Don is an executive with over twenty-five years of military and business experience focusing on leadership and organizational development, process improvement, change management, strategic planning, staff coordination, training, and education.

 – Exceptional communicator, particularly well-suited to translate the guidance of others and articulate the leader’s vision, through appropriate means, into tangible results.

 – Experienced instructor and lecturer capable of presenting varied information to a number of audiences.
 Specialties: Leadership development, organizational development, process improvement, change management, conflict resolution, strategic planning, policy review, resource management, education, and training.

A website focusing on Civil War cavalry, primarily oriented on the Union regular cavalry regiments. Features biographical sketches of officers and soldiers, discussions of engagements, unit histories, letters, journals, and a database of those who served in the regiments during the Civil War as I’m able to compile them.

Don enjoys spending time with his lovely wife, son, daughter, grandbaby, and dog.  He is an avid hiker and loves the outdoors.

Declan C.

Chief Fur Officer
Contact No. 719-231-5425

Declan is our CFO, Chief Fur Officer. He took over his roll in May 2022.  This handsome pup loves going on walks, herding his sheep aka his family and staff, and exploring new places. He loves meeting new people and can’t get enough cuddle time or rubs.
Declan loves his squeaky toys and will quickly fetch them when they’re thrown; he loves playing tug-of-war and is always looking for someone to play with. He loves chasing the occasional squirrel; Declan is always ready for an adventure. He is very smart and knows a few tricks, but he loves showing off to get those treats.

Declan is a loyal companion that loves spending time with his humans; he’s always looking for someone to snuggle up next to and loves to please. He is very smart and knows a few tricks, but he loves showing off to get those treats. Declan is a loyal companion that loves spending time with his humans; he’s always looking for someone to snuggle up next to and loves to please.

Em van V.

Project Coordinator
Extension Number 704
[email protected]

Em Van Vleck recently moved to Colorado Springs from Phoenix, Arizona. She is excited not only for the change in the weather but also
to help others through her work with A Call to Order. She attended Grand Canyon University, studying technical Theatre and minoring in Communications. Her passion and creativity help her to create a new outlook on situations and
to embrace the weird situations most people
don’t expect. In her free time, she also runs a small sewing business, doing clothing alterations, quilts,
and custom designs.

While she’s working,
she loves to sing, dance, crack jokes,
and make a fool of herself in general.
Her favorite childhood memory is,
ironically, organizing her high school’s drama room. She loved the final result of all of her hard work and how it made her peers, and teachers’ school lives easier!


Ashley MacDonald

Project Coordinator
Extension Number 707
[email protected]

I’m from Denver, Colorado. I work at call to order because I believe that this job fits my skill set, and I believe I could make a great addition to an already incredible team. Growing up I loved playing outside until dark with the other kids in my neighborhood.

I attended and graduated from Green Mountain Highschool (Go Rams). I love to hike, read, hammock, and draw during my downtime. I’m currently also very obsessed with my skin care.
I enjoy sleep. But like more than the average person. I would take one night of very deep sleep over a night out any day.

Michael W.

Director, Next Market, Business Development, & Asset Liquidation Consultant
Extension Number 705

Michael “Whit” Whitfield is a seasoned auctioneer and consultant in the life transition industry, with a diverse background that encompasses e-commerce, auctioneering, and a strong foundation in retail and supply chain management. With over 20 years of experience in sales and marketing, Whit’s career has been defined by his expertise in organizational leadership.

Whit holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Leadership from the University of Arkansas, which he earned in 1998. His major was focused on retail and supply chain management, equipping him with a comprehensive understanding of the intricacies involved in effectively managing operations, optimizing logistics, and driving retail success.
Throughout his professional journey, Whit has leveraged his educational background to excel in various roles. From owning and operating an e-commerce platform specializing in computer hardware and office technologies to becoming a respected auctioneer and consultant, his strong foundation in organizational leadership has been instrumental in his ability to navigate complex business environments and achieve exceptional results.
Drawing on his retail and supply chain expertise, Whit brings a strategic and analytical approach to his auctioneering and consulting work. His comprehensive understanding of the retail landscape and supply chain dynamics enables him to deliver tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of his clients.
Whit’s dedication to staying ahead of industry trends, coupled with his entrepreneurial spirit, has fueled his passion for innovation and excellence. By combining his organizational leadership knowledge with his deep understanding of the auction industry, he continually pushes boundaries to deliver cutting-edge strategies that help businesses thrive in today’s competitive marketplace.
In addition to his professional accomplishments, Whit’s love for travel, photography, and automobiles continues to inspire him. Exploring new destinations, capturing the beauty of different cultures, and immersing himself in automotive events provide a wellspring of inspiration that enriches his work.
As a trusted consultant, Whit leverages his extensive expertise to guide professionals from diverse industries, including auctioneers, moving companies, trustees, and more. By understanding their unique needs and goals, he develops customized strategies that help businesses thrive and achieve their objectives. Whether you’re looking to optimize operations, enhance marketing efforts, or adapt to changing market dynamics, Whit’s wealth of experience, industry knowledge, and organizational leadership expertise can provide valuable insights and solutions tailored to your specific industry. Connect with Whit today to tap into his vast expertise and unlock new possibilities for success in your industry.

Maria D.

Office Administrator
Extension Number 700
[email protected]

Maria! A graduate in BS Accountancy
who finds great joy in collaborating
with diverse teams. As a Libra, She possess
a remarkable skill in maintaining
equilibrium in all aspects of life.

Many of her cherished friends have lovingly referred as a “human diary,” as they feel comfortable sharing their deepest emotions, thoughts, and trust with her.

Working at ACTO is truly a blessing for her,
as it allows her to learn something new
every single day. Naturally,
she exude positivity, deriving immense
satisfaction from helping others
and excelling in organizational
tasks through diligent efforts.

Lois B.

Office Manager
Extension Number 702
[email protected]

Meet the tech-savvy! She graduated from Silliman University with a degree in Information Technology. She landed her first job in a US and Dutch company as a back-end developer and then eventually led pioneering projects, tirelessly completing them on time and focusing on the company’s long-term growth. While her career progressed, she also enjoys troubleshooting anyone’s gadgets or devices that need fixing or upgrading.

Sometimes she does it for fun, but sometimes she makes a living out of it. She loves cooking, going on a hike or camping, and free-diving, but what she loves doing the most is “decluttering”. For her, the idea of keeping things in order makes things easier and worthwhile. She’s very grateful taking this chance to work at ACTO and excited to do more than she desired. Hoping to grow, learn from experience, and become a better version of herself.

Tony C.

Project Coordinator
Extension Number 000