In an Emergency: In Your Business

Being prepared for an emergency in your business includes not only being able to get to important papers,…

but also protecting your data, an evacuation route, knowing what valuables you need to gather, where the water and as shutoffs are, and more. A Call to Order is Community Emergency Response Trained by the Office of Emergency Management in Colorado Springs, CO. We know the steps to take in order to protect you and your valuables in the event of a disaster.

Businesses have different needs in an emergency than individuals do. In business, your most important asset might be the data on your computers. Do you have a plan in place to keep up to date backups offsite or in the cloud? If your business were involved in a fire or flood, would you be able to set up in a new location and be running again in a short amount of time? Emergency preparedness for your business doesn’t just include before an emergency, it also includes what happens afterward.

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